Jerry Fisk Cutlery Challenge

Elizabeth Loerchner Jerry Fisk Challenge$45,000 was given away for the first time by the Custom Knife Collectors Association Thursday, June 7th at their annual banquet during the world’s largest custom knife show held in Atlanta, Georgia. The money was awarded to three custom makers chosen to represent the knife industry as they move forward into other artistic fields.

An anonymous and generous donation was given to Jerry Fisk – who is known to develop new ideas – to create innovation in the knife industry. Hence, the CKCA and Jerry joined efforts to create the Jerry Fisk Cutlery Challenge. The winners of the Challenge announced at the CKCA banquet will represent and elevate the artistic value and collectability of the custom made knife. The winners embody a diverse set of custom designs which could fit into any art collection whether contemporary, modern, or abstract. Their innovative skills will elevate the cutlery industry into a higher level in the world of collectable art.

The winners are JR Cook from Nashville, Arkansas, Elizabeth Loerchner from Ontario, Canada, and Robert Kaufmann from Aitrach, Germany and have been challenged to return to the Blade Show next year with an innovative design that will be juried by a cross section of experts in multiple fields of art. These three were selected after a rigorous examination of applicants from seven different countries. Their pieces will be on display at various museums to introduce visitors to their appeal as knife collecting is becoming the fasting growing collectable field in the art industry.

To view the work of the above artists please visit their websites: for JR Cook for Robert Kaufmann for Jerry Fisk

The Challenge has come to a close for 2013. Below is an article from Blade Magazine regarding the challenge and a photo of the final piece.